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Success Stories

One-to-One Coaching

I would say to anyone considering Tracy’s mentoring services to “go for it, you will not be disappointed”

When I started working with Tracy,  I was experiencing difficulties in drawing up a business plan. Tracy shared practical ways to engage and build a rapport with the right audience, even before marketing any product or services. I would say to anyone considering Tracy’s coaching services to go for it, you will not be disappointed. I benefitted immensely – the outcomes far outweigh the investment. Since working together, I have been able to seek out opportunities for an investor in my business, and have attracted opportunities to expand my business on an international level and now have an engaged online audience. –Deborah Sawyerr, Money Literacy Educator Sawyerr’s House

I decided to hire Tracy Durrant Coaching after reading her book ‘Plan It Now’. I was at a stage where I felt overwhelmed and tied down by my business, and unsure how to move forward.

I’ve worked with Business coaches before, first 11 years ago and then 6 years ago.

I loved working with Tracy, I found her inspiring and motivating. I always looked forward to the sessions, they were productive and useful. Each session I learnt something new and moved forward. The Theta healing made a significant impact on my self-belief, I had a major breakthrough that helped me to have the confidence to realise the desires I had for myself and my business.

The changes have been incredible, My productivity has increased and continues to do so, for example, I’ve grown my business by adding additional income streams and services but have more time.

A change of mindset made the most significant difference to my personal growth which has enabled me to explore and be open to new opportunities.

I would most definitely would and have recommended Tracy to friends in particular to those in a similar position to me i.e stand-alone small businesses owners or to those who are looking to start a business or are at a crossroads with their existing business. I have told them that the coaching has made a significant difference in how I see myself and my business. I have become much more productive and open to opportunities and learnt how to streamline the running of my business including administration.

Karen Eccles

Pilates From Within, Dedicated Pilates and bootybarre Studio

‘With every single session you, quite literally, CATAPULT me toward greater success’ 

Tracy – you are the best money I have ever spent on my business!!! With every single session you, quite literally, CATAPULT me toward greater success. Your insight, knowledge and caring nature are so perfectly balanced. Thank you for being such a gift and such a talented lady – Gemma R Fountain – Author of The Elephant in the Room/ Health & Fitness Trainer – Florida

I highly recommend using Tracy’s coaching, Web design, and digital services

I was looking for some expert help to get my app on the road and moving forward. I already had App developers but something was missing. I have always known that marketing is my weakest spot, so I wanted some help with clarifying my marketing.

Tracy has a wide array of skills she brings to a collaboration and her services included Clarity of Marketing messaging through Web design, copywriting, imagery, blog content, email marketing set-up through to coaching throughout the process.

My greatest challenge was to get attractive and useful software out to the public and so the most pressing tasks involve marketing. In this regards, I was very impressed with Tracy’s adherence to the goals we negotiated.

Tracy accepted my goals and drove them to completion, on time and to budget.

Tracy is confident in what she says she can deliver because she does deliver. I highly recommend using Tracy’s coaching, Web design, and digital services. – Errol Garner (Bee Contracts)

Tracy has real expertise, and she tailored her approach to my particular business idea, making the sessions relevant and interesting. As someone who found the world of social media daunting Tracy’s One to One sessions helped demystify the process and made it all seem much more manageable. Since then I have launched my own business and will continue to draw on the information Tracy shared. Tracy has a friendly, professional approach and went out of her way to accommodate my needs. Jenny Brent – Artist/Designer – (Bristol)

“Tracy was extremely professional at the one-to-one consultation session and provided me with honest feedback on my website.  She also provided me with useful reference points and steps I can take, I now have a better understanding of how I can enhance my brand’s online presence.  I highly recommend Tracy as she is personable, reliable and extremely knowledgeable in the areas of marketing, PR and website development.” –Ruth Jacob – Owner Lifestyle/Fashion Brand Bigger Boy – (London)

‘Just the very next day I have been able to implement’

I needed some focus and advice for my social media activity relating to my online magazine for female writers. Tracy told me exactly what I needed to be doing that I wasn’t already and the best way to do it. I came away with a huge to-do list of new approaches and ideas that were simple and creative. Just the very next day I have been able to implement Tracy’s suggestions.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful session. – Jacquelyn Guderley – CEO & Founder at Salomé (Brighton)

‘I made a shift in mindset that moved me forward big time’

In just one session I had clarity on the main issues I needed to work on AND I made a shift in mindset that moved me forward big time. Plus the hands-on tips on planning have been so helpful: I could implement them straight away and they are helping me to prioritise and reduce overwhelm. – Angelique Slob – PinQ consult (Portugal)

‘I have my next six months mapped out and feel much more confident.’

I have a clear vision of where I want to go but it can be lonely and confusing as a sole proprietor. So I was thrilled to learn about Tracy Durrant. I’ve attended one online course with her, a chat session and a one-to-one mentoring session, all of which left me inspired. Her teaching style is so inclusive. Thanks to Tracy I have my next six months mapped out and feel much more confident.  – Camilla Reeve – Palewell Press Ltd (London)

Digital Courses

The Passion Launch Project is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of being helped by Tracy and I am in awe of the wealth of knowledge and expertise she has to share.Breaking business down to a creative needs to be approached in an engaging way.  Tracy definitely knows how to tap into that and keep me engaged. Her stories are so relatable because she focuses on brands that you’ll likely to encounter in daily life. As we take these companies for granted the ways, we don’t stop to evaluate the way in which they approach business and the reasons behind their methods. Once explained, it all becomes so clear and I left every session feeling revved up about my own business and its future.Tracy is really supportive and allowed for times outside the work sessions to answer my questions. Response time was swift and she answered my queries which totally put me at ease. I am so appreciative that I had an opportunity to work with Tracy and have no qualms about recommending her services. Jecks Lea – Persona Abode – (London)

As a writer, former editor and author of a guidebook (Amazon Kindle & iTunes), I was very impressed with the Post & Conquer Bootcamp. Tracy’s depth of knowledge and all-angles approach has been expertly compiled into an easily digestible package. Her style is authentic and relaxed so I felt instantly at ease. Her “you got this” energy makes moving through the modules an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend P&C for anyone who is new to the book PR game or, like me, needs a refresher course. –Sara Graham, Author, Brand Builder – Fresh Presse (Italy)

Because after all, WE DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING!! Even though you are passionate about your craft there are areas you lack knowledge in. As a person who loves fashion and everything it includes from concept to consumer, NEVER in my studies did I learn fashion PR! In a world that is driven heavily by social media, all you need is that one time somebody post you in order to blow up! But how? How do I contact the right person, who is the right person, where can I find their info? All this in more is explained in detail through this AMAZING course. Things that I would never know, I know now. And not just the modules, the articles, the youtube videos and the blogs were all perfect!! This course is for EVERYBODY, everyone who is ready to move forward and get noticed! I highly recommend it, thank you Tracy! – Martinique Lewis, Designer and creator of C J Summers – (California)

As an author of three unpublished books, its clear I had no idea what my next steps were. I felt such a big appreciation for Tracy Durant for creating this course. Not only does the modules provide a step by step how to gain exposure but the content also provides generous resources any author or anyone in business for that instance can use and take advantage of a lifetime. Never have I had so much knowledge in only five modules. A must-have for all authors in this current age! – Vanessa Renaud, Author, Founder of Mymamahood (Canada)

Product reviews

“Before Tracy Durrant, I was so busy searching for clients that I didn´t realize that the Client Magnet Meditation was exactly what I needed. Her meditation allows me to relax into a step by step visualization of what I want to create, and that gives me the calm confidence I need to meet prospects. It’s so funny but I didn’t even know how I was blocking my own success, until I started this new practice.” – Emily Maher – Meaning Method(Columbia)

I listened to the meditation while I was promoting my online class, and dedicated the space to calling in the right Souls. I felt so expanded and so connected and saw threads of Light reach out all the way from my Heart into the world. As the result, I got some unexpected extra signups for my class! – Violetta Pleshakova

Theta Healing

I booked a ThetaHealing with Tracy and did my first session Today. I booked the session as I wanted to release past emotions in order to have a greater future.Tracy did an amazing job, by the end of our session I felt totally refreshed and energised.Tracy is such an easy going relaxed person. It was super easy to relax as she is a really easy person to trust.– Serena John (London)

 I went into our session on my last straw and came out of the session feeling renewed and whole

I booked my session with Tracy because I was struggling with underlying problems that I was not able to work through myself on a physical level.

Before going into the session with Tracy I had been struggling with feeling unworthy of love from everyone that was around me. I was living in a silent mental prison feeling as though my loved ones were silently judging me because of my inability to process the emotions I was dealing with that manifested as severe panic attacks, depression and even suicidal thoughts.

Immediately after our session, I felt energetic relief. I was peaceful and calm which was accompanied by tingling energy throughout my body, energy of stability and comfort in the physical and energetic space that I was in. Since our session, not only has my anxiety and depression completely dissipated, but the (extremely) deep rooted belief of being silently judged and unworthy has ceased to exist.

Tracy is so unbelievably genuine, compassionate, and beyond that gifted. I went into our session on my last straw and came out of the session feeling renewed and whole. At one point during our session without intention, I sat up straight, held my shoulders back, in a confident way. After telling her about the experience, she told me that was what she was working on as my body responded to the energy healing.

Whether you have been pondering working with Tracy or just so happened to stumble across her page, take this as a sign that you are here, reading this for a reason. The only thing that is standing between you and transformation is your decision to work with her, and TRUST ME it will be one of the most worthwhile decisions you will ever make. She has freed me from an energetic bondage that I didn’t know was holding me back from living my life to the fullest.

– Megan Newman (Iowa)

Speaking Engagements

‘A great speaker, and an inspiration to aspiring women entrepreneurs’

“Tracy sat a panel for a fashion business event I hosted, and was super knowledgeable about the ins and outs of starting a niche business and how to source textiles locally. She’s friendly, a great speaker, and an inspiration to aspiring women entrepreneurs. It was a joy to have her involved in the event!” – Lora Schellenberg – London Marketing Lead/General Assembly – London

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