Hi I’m Tracy Durrant, I help Creative Entrepreneurs make a consistent income from their gifts through Business Coaching and Social Selling Services. I have a BA in Music Technology & Public Relations, run a successful Luxury Lingerie Brand. I enjoy helping clients gain clarity and understand how technology can complement their mission. With over 16 years experience in Media, I’ve secured press coverage in British Vogue, BBC, Cosmopolitan and various on and offline Media channels as all media can support you with increasing Visibility and reaching your ideal clients.

Since launching the 5-day Business Plan for Success Challenge in 2016 & the 5-day Business Strategy for Success Challenge, early 2017, I enjoy helping clients strip back their business plan and strategy to 1-page. No need to make it any more complex than it need’s to be. That way they can focus on working on their strengths and work towards outsourcing the rest!

My Techie Background

From building web pages in Microsoft Word in the late 90’s, to HTML Coding on Myspace or building software applications triggered by Wii controllers, I’ve always been inspired by technology and how it can impact the world. Since my first WordPress blog in 2006 and growing my mailing list quite quickly, from 1 to 10,000 within a niche market, I was inspired by its possibilities for business. I have a Technology Degree and was a speaker for OSCON London (Open Source Convention) 2016 where I gave a talk on the importance of Diversity in the Tech Space.