Hi, my name is Tracy, I’m a business mentor, helping creative entrepreneurs make more money online through strategic business planning and marketing. 

  • If you’re struggling to get consistent clients or customers
  • Not clear on who your customers are or how to connect with them
  • Working with no business plan or marketing plan

I can support you in developing a clear, actionable strategy that will help you grow your business and increase your productivity.

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More about me

Moving from the West country to the capital city of London alone, seemed like a great idea at 16, I had nowhere to live and no Job and no clear idea how I would get by, but I needed to learn quickly and within 2 weeks, I was working and supporting myself and soon working for Britains largest Magazine publisher, my role, Sales Executive, this was before the credit crunch, prices were low and I was well paid, there was where I built my foundations in sales and learned the inner workings of media.

That was many years ago, many businesses later, some successful some character building ventures, I found myself coaching and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, people had reached out to me after watching me build and grow my own businesses and wanted to learn how they could launch their own. 

So in the evenings, I’d hold business workshops in my home aimed at creative entrepreneurs. I’d teach business planning, how to build websites, google Analytics, social media tools, PR, project management, how to secure funding, list building, manufacturing & production tips. It took a few years to realize how much of what I do is based around helping people realize that their dreams are achievable and I have a method for breaking down BIG dreams into actionable steps to help my clients realize that their dreams are possible.

In addition to business mentoring, I’m also the Owner and Designer of Edwards & Millers Luxury Lingerie.

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