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3 Tips for Finishing Online Courses & Challenges

3 Tips for Finishing Online Courses & Challenges

So many of us sign up to courses & challenges with the best intention, the intention to do the work and reap the benefits to help us improve our business and our lives, but too often, these courses get let, unfinished and sometimes, untouched.

In this video, I share 3 tips for Starting & Finishing Online Courses & Challenges


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Episode 1 – What____Taught me about entrepreneurship

What R. Kelly Taught me about Entrepreneurship

Last Saturday, I launched episode 1 of my new series, What_____Taught me about entrepreneurship.

In this episode, I share 10 things I’ve learned about entrepreneurship from R.Kelly.

This series will be broadcasted weekly, live over on Facebook. To watch this series live, click here to subscribe to my facebook page > Tracy Durrant on Facebook

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PLPP 001: How to get the attention of a TV Journalist for your Business with Marverine Cole

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Passion Launch Project Podcast, hosted by Tracy Durrant. In this episode Marverine Cole, award-winning Journalist and Broadcaster, news anchor for Sky News, TV presenter at QVC and one of the UK’s leading female experts on beer, shares her industry insights, plus advice on how business owners can secure the attention of a TV journalist for free publicity.

The Passion Launch Project Podcast is hosted by Tracy Durrant (Business Mentor for creative entrepreneurs, Designer/founder of Edwards & Millers Lingerie). Each episode brings you interviews from Creative Entrepreneurs and/or Industry experts, Inspiring you to release the projects that you’re most passionate about. 

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