How to make your customers the star of your story with Periscope Live

Entrepreneurship / Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

How to make your customers the star of your story with Periscope!

How to make your customers the star of your story with Periscope Live

So I’ve added Periscope Live streaming app to my social media toolkit, I’ve been hearing about this platform for a few weeks but on Sunday I downloaded the app and today I did my first scope. I was a bit apprehensive about getting started, I had a plan that went out the window once I went live, but it’s done, people were watching, I received over 500 hearts (these are a bit like Facebook likes) and most importantly I got started. I would like to use it as a way of sharing PR tips, business insights as well as exploring and learning more about other creative businesses.

What is Periscope Live?

Periscope is a live broadcasting app that allows you to connect with your followers Live. It was released March 26th 2015, the start-up behind the app and bought by Twitter for $100 million this year then the app was re-launched in May 2015.

Viewers can watch live broadcasts via Periscope or their Twitter feed. Your live stream is recorded and is available for replay for 24 hours after going live, perfect for those who miss your live broadcast.

Why Periscope?

With Periscope you’re able to reach a huge audience instantly. Viewers can share your broadcast with their followers while watching you live. You can get instant engagement by asking questions and asking people to leave comments and hearts (people tap on the screen, giving you hearts if they like what you’re saying)

And the tool is free!

Your audience, potential customers, potential collaborators want to get to know you! Video is a fantastic way to connect with you and your brand authentically.

No matter what business you’re in, you can use live mobile streaming to bring your audience closer to you, bring them closer to what you do. Why not let them get involved in creation process?

Here are 3 examples of how you could use Periscope  to engage your audience and make them a star in your story:

If you’re a fashion designer, you could take your audience behind the scenes while purchasing new fabrics and get live feedback.

#You can save your streams to the camera roll to play back later or share on your other networks like You tube.

If you’re a musician you could do a live stream in the recording studio. Bring your audience into the recording studio and ask them what they like. Help your viewers feel like they are contributing to your music creation.

#Private broadcasts can be used where you can select the people you want to watch.

If you’re thinking of writing a book, you could use Periscope to brainstorm chapters. You can use this tool to find the subjects your audience would like to know more about.

# Same methods could be used for writing new blog posts, songs or newsletters.

Above are just a few ideas of how you can shine the spotlight on your viewers. The possibilities are endless.

Are you on using Periscope live streaming app?

How did you find it?

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