The value of handwritten letters in business PR plus 3 simple steps

Entrepreneurship, PR & Marketing / Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Analogue vs Digital PR

Technology allows us to connect with thousands of people instantly, whether, via e-mail, live streaming and social networking sites, it’s never been easier to get your message out there to the masses.

All of that is amazing but how can we enhance our customer service by bringing a personal touch?

Ask yourself:

How do you feel when you get an event invite via Facebook?

How would you feel if your best friend sent you a birthday e-card?

Obviously, it’s the thought that counts but consider your own response to the above questions, think about how you want your customers to feel?

What does a handwritten letter say in business PR?

For me it says:

  • I’ve taken the time out of my busy schedule for you.
  • My business is special to me.
  • Your custom is valued.

Reflecting on my childhood I was always joining fan clubs of my favourite brands and TV shows. For most of the 90’s, to opt-in to any kind of subscription, you would need to send a letter via the post. I was so excited to see a letter or package sticking out of the letter box, anticipating which brand it was.

To this day I still have all the personal autographs and thank-you letters, in some cases I’ve kept the envelope. I keep them in a box at my parents’ house, and on very rare occasions, I pull them out so, nearly two decades later, I still have those personal letters from those companies. How many of your customers will cherish your company e-mail’s in 20 years time?

We all enjoy and benefit from digital communications, its amazing what it allows us to do. With These 3 steps, you can begin incorporating handwritten letters into your Business PR communications plans.


Step 1 – Organise you current database and list building systems.

Are you collecting clients addresses?

How you organising your business cards?

Using a spreadsheet like excel to list the following:

Your current clients

Past clients

Potential clients

And influential people you


Step 2 – Create an analogue communications plan.

Set up a system that works for your business, which includes the different letters/packages you, can send to your past, present and potential clients. For example you could include something simple like sending a personal thank-you letter to each customer 1 week after purchasing.


Step 3 – Make it fun!

Think about how you can present your handwritten letters. Consider the type of paper you use, your ink colour and the kind of envelopes that are in sync with your brand.

What promotion products could you post at regular intervals? Motivational postcards, event tickets, discount coupons?

Leave your comments below:

Are you already sending handwritten letters to your customers?

How are you keeping your personal communications ‘on brand’?

Will you be incorporating any of the above ideas into your business?

I would love to read your thoughts in the comment section below.


  • MecaM

    I do it with every order and my clients post the cards along with the products they ordered from me. They really love receiving the handwritten notes so I keep sending them.
    Terina Nicole

    • tdurrant

      Hi Terina,

      Thats great! I bet they look forward to purchasing from you and are spreading the word on your personal customer service?

      Tracy Durrant