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Intuitive Business & Lifestyle Coach London

Intuitive Business & Lifestyle Coach London

Are you a creative, entrepreneur, coach, wellness professional or retailer?

Ready to improve productivity, build confidence and grow your business but sometimes feel overwhelmed?

Unsure of the next best step?

Get stuck in telling yourself stories of why you can’t grow to that next level and would love support and guidance?  

Through coaching, I support ambitious visionaries move from talking about their ideas to making them a reality so they can access more freedom and make more money.  

To date, I’ve worked one-to-one with solicitors, financial literacy trainers, mindset coaches, Wellness practitioners, award-winning retailers, social media influencers, Musicians, Designers, Artists, Theta Healers, App developers plus hundreds of creative entrepreneurs through workshops, webinars, and my online courses.  

One thing all my clients have in common is their passion and vision for impacting the lives of their customers through their gifts and changing the world…They’re big dreamers and dooers. They approach their business with creativity and they are visionaries creating a social impact is important to them.  

I’m hired by entrepreneurs who are committed to growing a thriving business, they are committed to enjoying the journey and are looking for someone who can help them stay focused, build confidence & expand past limiting beliefs.  

If you’re ready to grow your business and build a life you love, click here to learn more and book your Fierce Clarity with Tracy session. 

“You are Visionary. You are Creative. It’s your mission to share your truth.
Something magic happens when you do.”

– Tracy Durrant


  • I have a BA in Music Technology and Public Relations. I use both music and the magic of communication to help my private clients gain clarity and share their message.
  • My initiatives have been in British Vogue, BBC, Cosmopolitan and many other media outlets. I’ve also performed in venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Festival Hall.
  • I’ve launched an apparel brand, which took me to 10 Downing Street to talk about business for SMEs.
  • I’m a mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. I dedicate 48 hours per year supporting women in emerging markets.
  • I’m an advocate for Diversity in Tech & Business. I’ve spoken about this at the Open Source Convention London in 2016. People from all background should have access to the tech that can help support and advance us all.

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