💡The ideas you have are a Big deal – and you know it!

🔮You’ve got Big Magic to share with the world – and we need it!

💍You’re committed to making Big Moves and you’re ready to honour your vision and bring it to life!

Now’s the time for you to:

💃Have more fun and END your commitment to consistent self-sabotage.

🙌Celebrate your success and START giving yourself the credit you deserve instead of adding more things to your to-do’s.

🤖Live life as a human and not a robot – you came here to ‘live your BEST life’

✨ The people I work with do amazing work, they include Fitness & Health Coaches, Techprenures, Financial Advisors, Musicians, Healers, Designers all changing their corner of the world in old and refreshing ways.

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They are successful and know what to do! – They’re also aware that they have known and Unknown limiting beliefs that are preventing them from taking some of the necessary best-next-steps, it can be hardest to ask for support but none of us has it all figured out!

✨ I’ve been coaching business owners for over 7 years but started exploring the world of personal development in the mid – ’90s when I discovered Brian Tracy Cassettes and started listening on my Walkman. At one point I had 5 coaches and advisors who poured their wisdom into me during the early stages of my journey.

I recognise many of the challenges faced when starting, launching or growing a business.  I incorporate use ThetaHealing, a meditation technique, working with the subconscious (which controls most of the actions we take) to support my work.

✨ If you’re ready to discover and ditch the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, find out how I can guide you from my tools, Inspiration to Influence.

About Tracy…

In 2018, I Authored my best-selling book ‘Plan It Now! Quit The Burnout Business and become a Creative Entrepreneur‘ as a guide for creatives who were struggling to write a business plan, I take readers through planning on 1-page in 10-days.

I launched an apparel brand, which took me to 10 Downing Street to talk about business for SMEs, in particular, the importance of UK manufacturing.

I’m a mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women where I dedicate 48 hours per year supporting women in emerging markets with expanding their potential.

I’m an advocate for Diversity in Tech & Business. I’ve spoken about this at the Open Source Convention London in 2016. People from all background should have access to the tech that can help support and advance us all.