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You love learning. You’ve read the books. Done the courses. Finished the programmes.

But something just isn’t quite clicking. You feel mentally blocked. It messes with your energy and makes it hard to action the next steps for your business. And none of the courses seem to address your mental blocks.

But you know you’re capable. You know your stuff! You’re ready to find your balance and build your dream business. You’re looking for someone to move at your pace, who can help you clear your mental blocks and level-up spiritually. Someone to help you transform your ideas into a strategy that aligns with who you really are. You want to build a business that sounds like you and speaks to your tribe.

Knowledge can only take you so far. You need to have a vision that inspires and connects with you. That’s vital to growing your dream business. I’m here to help you build that vision, to make a difference to your life. I want to share a message of “Yes, YOU can make it happen” no matter your circumstances.

What does Private Coaching with me look like?

Are you ready to explore your…

Expand Your Vision

We will uncover your why and get clear on your vision for your life and business. We will define how you can bring more balance and fulfillment into your day-to-day.

Define Your Strategy

You will receive step-by-step guidance to turn your ideas into a focused one-page business model.

We will identify areas to improve your current business model, for you to earn more money. You will be clear on how you can grow your business and what your online and offline marketing strategy should be.

You will understand what services you would like to offer and will never have to ask yourself “Who would buy this.”

Feel Supported

As your coach, I will make sure you stay focused and accountable as your implement your plan. You will not be alone and I will help you overcome the challenges that will arise. You will keep moving towards a business that will bring you joy and success.

(spiritual icon) I will tailor our sessions to your needs, but the program also comes with material to make sure you get the most out of our time together. You will always know what’s next.

What’s Included In Your Private Coaching?

    • One-to-one sessions 
    • Whatsapp and email support between sessions
    • Digital vision board private session
  • Creative Business model training and quarterly planning

What Are Some of Your Results?

Grow an existing business and develop the confidence to pursue new growth strategies.

“Since working together, I have been able to seek out potential opportunities for an investor in my business, a joint venture that will expand my business on an international level and now, through our sessions I now have an engaged online audience.” (Deborah Sawyers)

Gain clarity and remove the mental blocks preventing you from increasing your income.

“In just one session I had clarity on the main issues I needed to work on AND I made a shift in mindset that moved me forward big time. Plus the hands-on tips on planning have been so helpful: I could implement them straight away and they are helping me to prioritise and reduce overwhelm.” (Angelique Slob)

Launch your dream business.

Tracy has real expertise, and she tailored her approach to my particular business idea, making the sessions relevant and interesting. As someone who found the world of social media daunting Tracy’s One to One sessions helped demystify the process and made it all seem much more manageable. Since then I have launched my own business and will continue to draw on the information Tracy shared. Tracy has a friendly, professional approach and went out of her way to accommodate my needs. (Jenny Brent)

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