Private Coaching 2018 Edition

 Do you feel like you know your stuff in terms of growing your business as a Women Entrepreneur?

 Have you done a lot of programmes because you Love learning but know you’d learn better one-to-one with someone who can match your pace?

 You’ve read the books, taken the courses but found that they didn’t touch on the mental blocks that can really mess with your energy?

 You’ve realised that if there’s something spiritually or energetically blocked then another course is pointless.

 You’re not sure how or if you can monetise your dream business?

 Do you feel like something’s just not quite clicking?

 You’ve had intuition your whole life, and you’re ready to follow the fun and give yourself permission to find YOUR balance.

Are you now ready for one to one support so you can energetically level-up and start transforming your ideas into a strategy that aligns with who you truly are – so you can build a business that sounds like you and speaks to your tribe?

Look, I know what it’s like to take action on your dreams when you’re scared, when you feel like you have nothing and when it appears like you’ve got it all figured out. In 2011 I went through burnout and took a U-turn.

Today I live life on my terms, I have the freedom to spend each day the way I choose to, doing what I absolutely love which is helping women take action on their ideas and grow a business that works for them in every way!

I know I’m here to make a difference to people’s lives, to share my message of ‘yes YOU can Make it happen’ no matter what your circumstances are – I’ve learned that knowledge can only take you so far, but creating a vision that inspires you and connecting with your fun are essential to growing your fun & blissful business.


What does Private Coaching with me look like?

Are you ready to explore your…


During our digital vision board session, we’ll explore your why, business and life goals, your desired income and exactly how you’d like to bring more balance and fulfillment into growing your business.


Receive step-by-step guidance where together we’ll turn your ideas from confused to a focused 1-page business model.

You’ll be clear on how you’ll grow your business and what your online (or offline) marketing strategy will be.

Gain insights into services you’d like to offer or Create your first course and never wonder ‘who’s gonna buy this’

Feel Supported

During each session, we’ll work on how to bring your dream business model to life in a way that supports you in finding clients that are perfectly aligned with you.

Self expression

If you’ve ever wondered why you’re struggling to get all your ideas to line up, if you’re finding it hard to communicate the money you want for your services – I’ll help you sing your way out of stuck, sharing a process of unlocking your throat chakra through singing and songwriting.

This includes: Key Breathing Techniques (that can be used to relieve anxiety and for public speaking), Learn how to warm up the voice and protect your instrument,  understand the power of songwriting through your blocks.


While all private coaching is tailored to meet your individual needs (as discussed during the application), the program comes with materials to support you in getting the most out of our time together – so you’ll always know what’s next.


Read testimonials from happy clients here.


When you sign up to work with me you receive:


Unlimited One-to-One Coaching sessions over 6 Months

Unlimited Whatsapp & Email support between sessions.

Digital Vision Board Private Session 

Business Model Canvas Training and Quarterly Planning

Vocal & Songwriting Techniques for Business Development


Email any questions you have to to chat with Tracy

 Choose the payment plan that works for you

You’ll receive an email with a pre-coaching questionnaire and my calendar link

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Private Coaching with Tracy Durrant Investment:

Pay in Full: £4500 / ($6000 approx)

Payment Plan: 6 Monthly payments of £800 ($1000 approx)

Email to chat with Tracy

(please note Prices will be increasing March 1st 2018)