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Coaching for Creatives, How to write a Business Plan / Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

Coaching for Creatives – The Method: Business Plan for Creatives part 1 & 2

Plan your creative business on one page in 10 days

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In this series, Uncover the 10 essential building blocks for writing a one page business plan in just 10 days with Plan It Now!: Quit the Burnout Business and Become a Creative Entrepreneur.

Written for all entrepreneurs at any stage of business, this book will teach you how to start your purpose-driven business, avoid burnout and overwhelm, and lay down a structural foundation so you can focus on what you do best: being creative.

Are you:

A creative startup? 

Planning to launch a new product or service into an existing business? 

Looking to get clarity on how to take your next step?

A creative entrepreneur who wants to grow a successful, profitable, and joyful creative business, but without all the overwhelm?

Then, this book has been written for you.

So many entrepreneurs feeling the pressure to hustle harder under the belief that hard work equates to success often leading creatives down a road of exhaustion and burnout. Plan It Now! is a step by step guide on how to bring ease & joy into business planning.

In 10 days, you will:

Understand why it’s important to start a business that matters to you, to start with why and explore the vision you have for your dream business.

Each day, breathe new life into areas of your business which have been neglected or ignored. Explore all the possibilities of transforming your business quickly through business journalling with short chapters, a case study and writing prompts.

So pull your sticky notes out, your favourite pens, and enjoy planning your business with the included Free Business Plan Template.Your One Page ‘Creative Business Model Map’ will help you stay creative throughout the process. Read each section, follow the business journalling prompts, and add those answers to your Business Model Canvas.

Order your copy of Plan It Now!, tap into your creativity and watch your business model come together with the essential business planning tool for creative entrepreneurs.

Coaching for creatives includes having a clear vision, a plan for success and the mindset to take action! If you’re looking for one-to-one support, book your Fierce clarity session with Tracy today! Click here for Coaching for creatives.

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