Corporate Singing Workshops

Bespoke Singing Workshops to build thriving teams

Are you looking for a Singing Workshop to boost team collaboration?

A Workshop designed with fun at its core?

Includes skills that your team can use daily?

To develop a company Choir?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above points, you are in the right spot! 

Why Singing workshops?

Most people do not consider their voices much unless there is a problem – such as experiencing pain or discomfort when speaking. Most of our jobs include communication through using our voice, and when we are not at our best, it affects how potential customers and clients respond to our messages. 

Developing these Voice techniques will help your team prevent common voice problems, problems found with people who use their voice a lot during their jobs such as, singers, speakers, instructors, teachers, call centre employees and sales professionals. 

Enhance and protect your teams’ voices by booking your Singing workshop. Your voice is a powerful asset!

Get ready to uplift your team with a singing workshop!

Singing Workshops are Tailor-Made to meet your needs; below are some of the core areas that can be used to build your event.

  • Enhance creativity
  • Accelerate successful team collaboration
  • Boost Team Performance
  • Develop Breathing & Vocal techniques 
  • Improve presentations & wellness
  • Build confidence
  • Communication Skills
  • boost Health & Joy through Music therapy 
  • Learn how to protect your voice

No team too big or too small, let’s arrange a call to discuss how I can help your organisation thrive through our Singing Workshops. (email info @ )

Private Voice Coaching with Tracy Reviews: 

I highly recommend Tracy as she helped me to extend my voice range only in few lessons. I had an amazing 5 lessons with her not only because of her friendly and funny attitude but also her strict and responsible teaching to achieve quick progress. She is able to create and adjust exercises depends on every individual’s needs ( voice, mental… as a complex singing personality). I am an extraordinary singer with uncommon mistakes and she figured out how to work with me very quickly. Great job Tracy Thank you – Maria Kallova 

‘I would highly recommend singing lessons with Tracy. She creates such a warm environment to train in. constructive feedback really helped me to push myself further and see improvement each week. I highly recommend 5 stars!’ – Jess Abbey 

‘I found Tracy’s singing lessons when I decided that I should work on my public speaking fear. After my first consultation, I knew this is it! Tracy is very professional but also has open-heart. She listens to you and gives you amazing tips on how to overcome the obstacles you feel. After my second session, I felt totally different. I started singing differently, deeper with a big voice. I didn’t know this voice exists:) I am so glad and grateful. I strongly recommend Tracy’s classes to everyone who wants practice singing but also to people like me who feel some blocks with public speaking, presenting etc.’ – Agnieszka Kurzawa 

‘She is the bomb!!! Classes were a delight and my voice demonstrably improved under her tutelage. Awesome.’ – Tara Collier