Resilience – How to bounce back from Setbacks

Habits for Success / Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

In how to bounce back from setbacks we look at what we currently do to cope with setbacks, what psychologist name as the two main strategies and why tuning into our why can help us stay confident and focused on our vision. We’re looking for flow and balance in our lives but sometimes we can feel discouraged by the realities of setbacks.

Ever felt discouraged, you’re putting in the effort but not seeing results and have started asking yourself ‘why am I doing this?’

Maybe you’re trying to create an impact in your industry, but feel like you keep coming up against a brick wall?

You feel frustrated that your peers, industry, family even your team don’t see the vision you have.

These are some of the things that might occur during, after or lead you to a setback.

Strategies for coping

Psychologists have identified two main strategies for coping with setbacks. They include Active coping (these can consist of physical actions or emotional changes in behaviour) or avoidant coping.

Avoidant coping is where we find ways to disengage with the issue. This could look like watching Netflix or ignoring important letters  & emails. 

Active coping involves looking at the actions that are needed to find solutions. This could look like identifying who you need to speak to and making that call. Emotionally, It could involve talking through your challenges with a friend, a coach or a mentor so you can seek a new understanding, gain a fresh perspective and find new insights.

Which coping style do you tend to lean more towards when faced with a setback?

Whatever your coping style, they all have benefits in moderation but Active coping is seen as more beneficial.

Addressing our emotional state is an active coping strategy and I’ve found that if you’re able to adjust your emotional state 1st, you’re equipped to take the necessary next steps.

If you jump straight into problem-solving, you may find the underlining emotional issues re-emerging at a later date. This is why tuning into your why is so powerful. It gets you back to energetically connecting to why you started and why your work is vital in the world.

Whether you’re thinking about starting, expanding or starting a new business, challenges are inevitable. It’s so much easier to navigate through them and avoid burnout if you understand your ‘why’! 

Why, Why, Why?

If someone asked you: 

‘why do you do the work you do?’ or 

‘why have you launched your product?’ 

would you be able to answer them quickly?

There was a time when I lost sight of my why and found myself stuck in busyness trying to juggle running events, artist PR and doing photography.

At the time, I wanted all of those areas to ‘take off’ but it was chaos as I didn’t have the capacity to manage the work.

Now I can see that that phase was helping me sift through what I did and didn’t want to be available for and WHY. (I talk about this phase more in my book ‘Plan It Now! Quit the Burnout business and become a creative entrepreneur.’)

There are times when I forget why I started, we all get to a point where we need to fine-tune and refine our why, after all, we are always evolving & growing.

Coping with Journaling

If you’re currently feeling a little, discourage and distant from your why or just want to reconnect here are a few journaling prompts to help you focus and tune into your why. (journaling is an Active coping strategy that helps you engage in conversation with self)

If you’ve already started your business:

What is your product?

How does your product currently serve your customers and community?

Name three people who are positively impacted by your business and why?

In what way has your business improved your life and why? 

If you’re getting ready to launch/Start-up

What is your product?

How will your product serve your customers?

Name three people who’d be positively impacted by the launch of your product and why?

In what way could the launch of your product improve your life?

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