🎄 Growing your business over the festive season

How to Market your business / Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Growing your business over the festive season

Have you considered your growth strategy?

Do you understand what your customers would love to purchase from you during this time of the year?

Will you be increasing your ad spend?

If you haven’t already started planning what you’ll be doing for your business as we approach the festive season and 2018 (only 2 months until Christmas day) – you still have plenty of time, if you act soon.

Being ready for the festive season takes some forward planning, but it’s worth it as this is a fantastic time to re-engage, celebrate and sell!

You’ll need to be clear on the emotions that fit the season and start using your storytelling skills to keep your social media, marketing materials and packages in alignment with your business & the season.

Below are two Free resources to support you with your holiday marketing: 

  1. ‘7 steps to a successful Marketing campaign checklist’ to support you with planning your festive marketing. Click here to download.
  2. 5 Videos of the 12 biggest mistakes I see people making with Facebook advertising. Click here to watch

If you’ve tried Facebook Ads and have got little-Zero ROI (return on investment) then you may be making some of the mistakes outlined in this series.

It can be frustrating growing your business especially if you’re trying to do everything yourself. If you have additional questions please ask in the comments section.

Click the video below to watch

12 of the Biggest Facebook Ads Mistakes

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