Planning your business around your Menstrual cycle

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Planning your business around your Menstrual cycle

This is a topic that isn’t talked about enough but this practice of planning your business and life around your period has been an unspoken (until now) game changer for me, something that I’ve been using to various degrees over the last 10 years.

It must be her time of the month!

As Women, we have many different seasons throughout the month, sadly, many women feel a lot of shame around their periods, who hasn’t heard or said ‘it must be her time of the month’ in response to a way a woman is behaving.  It’s time we all stop judging woman during these times and develop an understanding of how women’s cycles work and how they can be used for building a business and lifestyle of flow and balance instead of push and struggle.

Exploring the concept

I stumbled across the concept of planning key activities around my menstrual cycle out of necessity, due to having a condition called Endometriosis (which affects 1 in 10 women in the UK) there have always been certain times of the month where I just couldn’t do certain (physically) the condition has caused me to be very self-aware throughout the month and naturally I adjust my commitments and food to ensure that I’m well physically and emotionally, but this hasn’t always been the case.

An emotional roller coaster

ladies…Do you ever have those days or weeks where you’re getting so much done in your business?

Then other days when everything feels like a complete struggle?

A woman’s body goes through different phases throughout the month from times where we feel happy, sad, anxious, excited, motivated, introverted and a whole host of other emotions.

It was years later after making adjustments that I was introduced to the works of authors such as Miranda Grey and Alisa Vitti.

In the Woman Code Alisa Vitti shares the 4 phases of your cycle, below I will be sharing these 4 phases along with suggestions of how to make these phases work for you!

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Phase 1 – Menstrual Phase (lasts 3-7 days)

Consider the following: Goal setting, analysing/reviewing your last month, paying extra attention to your intuition and writing down ideas for areas to improve and strengthen your business.

You may be feeling tired and called to rest more, listen to your body and rest!

Phase 2  – Follicular Phase (lasts 7-10 days)

Consider the following: using this time for creativity, starting new projects, problem solving, mind mapping ideas, going to networking events.

Towards the second half of this phase estrogen and testosterone levels increase, giving you more energy and brain power to approach tasks that felt challenging before.

“When we match a task to the enhanced skills we experience in a phase, not only can we do things better and quicker – we also feel great! Our menstrual cycle is an amazing instrument for creating achievement AND happiness.” –  Miranda Gray

Phase 3 – Ovulatory phase (last 3-4 days)

Consider the following: Connecting more with your community and sharing your ideas. This is a great time for public speaking, recording videos, live broadcasting, you’ll have the ‘gift of the gab’

Estrogen and Testosterone rise to peak levels, helping you feel more confident.

Phase 4 – Luteal Phase (lasts 10-14 days)

Consider the following: Administration, accounting, scheduling events, decluttering your emails, organising your paperwork, work from home.

During this phase you’ll feel yourself winding down, wanting to relax. Invest in lot’s of self care, long baths, movies, slooooooow down

“Women are like the Moon, we change gradually from day to day. You never see the whole of the cycle; you can only ever see one phase.” – Miranda Gray

Content inspired by content featured in ‘Woman Code’ by  Alisa Vitti.

So how do you know where you are in your cycle and how long each phase lasts for you? You can check out the following apps to help you monitor your cycle MyFlO period Tracker, Natural Cycles or Kindara.

While I share the importance of having a vision, plan and then the support to take action, there are other elements that support a woman in building and growing a business that feels joyful!

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