Public Relations Coach (PR)

PR Consulting for Creative Entrepreneurss.h simmonsIf you’re a creative entrepreneur, fashion brand or business start-up who’d like to:

  • Increase your brand visibility – as you recognise this could help you sell more products or services.
  • Get featured in magazines, newspapers and online platforms but, you’re not sure how to do it properly?
  •  Benefit from PR consultancy  but you’re not keen on using an agency for a variety of reasons – you’re not sure what Public relations agencies do, not sure it’s the right time for your business and/or your concerned about the costs.

You may need a PR coach like me!

Working with me…

As a PR coach I can help you:

  • Develop a bespoke communications plan tailored for your business, a clear plan will help you reduce overwhelm often felt by creative entrepreneurs.
  • Help you (or a member of your team) build the skills and confidence to do your own PR saving you thousands of pounds each year!!!

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I’ve worked on major accounts from leading fashion, music and consumer brands and have secured media coverage in local, national and international magazines, newspapers as well as TV coverage to include: