Scared to Level Up! 4 steps as you expand your comfort zone

Self-Care for entrepreneurs / Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Scared to Level Up! 4 steps as you expand your comfort zone. 

Today’s Blog is about Expanding your comfort zone. As a business coach and creative entrepreneur, this is a reoccurring topic amongst clients so below are 4 steps to support you if you feel uncomfortable stepping out of your comfort zone.  

4 steps you can take when Expanding your comfort Zone!  

Have you ever considered starting a new business, introducing a new service or reducing your 9 to 5 hours to pursue your passion project but stopped, and thought ‘what if it doesn’t work?’  

or started something new then found a series of unexpected circumstances? some may describe this as ‘everything starts falling apart!’ 

I’m writing, as someone who has experienced the fear when taking a leap and has moved through the ‘everything’s falling apart’ phase, it’s common as it’s natural and below I will explain why this happens.  

Growing Pains 

We’re exposed to multi-media, new information at high levels everyday, (technology has made it easier to access new) and naturally, as we learn something new we get inspired and may want to be, do or have more in our lives.  (It’s limitless where inspiration comes, it could be sparked from meeting a friend and learning about drop shipping, watching a video on Youtube, reading a book) 

Now we want to grow – we forget that in order for new teeth to grow, the old teeth need to fall out, sometime be pulled out then fresh teeth grow and push through the gums.

This is the same for our business, we want something new and need to go through a transitional period. It may not physically hurt like growing teeth as a child, but it’s a process and unlike teeth, we can get in our own way, delay the inevitable and decide the new Level we desire is not for us as we feel uncomfortable.  

A Tangerine and a Large Coconut – What happens when expanding 

Let’s say we’ve got two circles: 

one the size of a small tangerine, that’s where you are, 

one the size of a large coconut – where you’d like to expand to. 

You want to expand to the second circle, the vision you have for your business and life, but  in order to go from the small circle to the larger circle you’ll need to first let go. Letting go means embracing the unknown between where you are and the ideas of where you’d like to expand to. 

During this time, things can appear like they’re falling apart, but really things are rearranging and falling together. You can’t be both the Tangerine and Coconut.  

What many people do is they cling to where they are, their comfort zone – because it’s comfortable. But like in this popular quote  

“The hardest thing to do is leaving your comfort zone. But you have to let go of the life you’re familiar with and take the risk to live the life you dream about.”

T. Arigo

4 things you can do when you’re expanding 

  1. Recognize the signs –If you’ve noticed that a series of things you have previously been comfortable with are either being removed or no longer bring you joy. This could be a sign that you are expanding. Maybe a supplier, client, office rent has tripled in price, your 9-5 feels unbearable. Recognize that things are shifting 
  2. Show Appreciation – Thank everyone who’s supported you in getting to your current place  – for example,  If you’re employed but would like to be self-employed, be thankful for your current employer. 
  3. Extra Self-Care – Just like the pain experienced when growing new teeth – it will feel uncomfortable at first, it can be difficult. Drink more water, take care of your body, say nicer things to yourself, find more reasons to laugh. Be extra loving and patient with yourself.
  4. Remember the bigger picture – Write a list of the things that will now need to happen, in order to support you in expanding. Do you need new team members? new technology? a business coach?  a personal trainer,? new systems? Some of the systems you have now may not support your new level.

That’s what I wanted to share with you, if you’re going through a stage of expansion in your business and life. Starting a new business, introducing a new service, hired someone new and things feel like they’re falling apart. Maybe they’re falling together to support you in your New Level.  

This is a part of our entrepreneurial journey! This has happened many times in my journey, and this is what I do to move through it! I used to feel very tired and doubt myself but over the years, I’ve learned to enjoy the ups and downs of the Journey.

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