Ultimate Publicity Bootcamp for Creatives, Authors & Coaches

Want to promote your book, product or Service, but not sure where to start?

Learn how to expand your reach through building relationships with Journalists & Influencers who are excited to ‘rave’ about your book, product or service. Through The Ultimate Publicity Bootcamp, you’ll develop a PR plan and strategy for taking action.

With statistics suggesting that nearly 5000 new books are published on Amazon every day, how do you get people to want and buy your book, when they’ve never heard of you?

By using the power of PR you can attract opportunities that help position you as a rockstar Author.

“A recommendation from a Journalist or Influencer can help you position yourself as a leader and influencer in your field.”

What’s in the Bootcamp?

I take you through 5 modules to help you understand, exactly how you can Do Your Own PR.

Guiding you through the methods I use to make powerful connections with Journalists & Influencers. While helping you get clear on the right people to contact, how to contact them, what to say and when to say it.

On purchase you will get instant access and will be able to watch the 5 modules at your leisure, however for the first 5 weeks you’ll get weekly accountability to keep you on track with each module.

6 videos, 5 modules – Total viewing time 1hour 18mins

Downloadable Workbook

Spreadsheet: Media Clarity Map & Content Planner

The Ultimate Publicity Bootcamp for Creatives, Authors & Coaches is a 5-week programme to help you understand the right way to PR your book, taking you through the following modules to help get people raving about your book!!!

1 Live training session

What subjects do we cover?
Module 1 – Customer Clarity Research
Understand who your readers are and what channels you can use to reach them. Start building your ‘Media Clarity Map’

Module 2 – Setting Smart Goals
Learn the importance of setting SMART Publicity goals and run your first 3 goals through the ‘Smart Publicity Goal Checker’

Module 3 – Sharing Your Stories
Discover your unique stories, how to tell them and how to use them to connect with journalists & Influencers.

Module 4 – Your PR Content Plan
Start turning your ‘Media Clarity map’ and ‘Smart Publicity Goals’ into your ‘PR Content Plan’ so you’re ready to Post & Conquer.

Module 5 – Time To Take Action
Start perfecting your pitch and making contact with the right Journalists and Influencers.

On completion of the course, you’ll have the following:

a tailored contact list,

a strategy,

a Content plan

Plus, the tools help you take action in building relationships with Journalists & Influencers.

Lifetime Access

Once you’ve purchased a ‘The Ultimate Publicity Bootcamp for Creatives, Authors & Coaches’, you’ll have lifetime access. As I add additional formats (audio, transcripts) and make updates to the materials, you’ll be able to access and go through it again at your leisure.


“Tracy’s depth of knowledge and all-angles approach has been expertly compiled into an easily digestible package.”
Sara Graham, author of How To Make Big Moves: Relocate Without Losing Your Mind

As a writer, former editor and author of a guidebook (Amazon Kindle & iTunes), I was very impressed with the Bootcamp.
Tracy’s depth of knowledge and all-angles approach has been expertly compiled into an easily digestible package. Her style is authentic and relaxed so I felt instantly at ease. Her “you got this” energy makes moving through the modules an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend the course for anyone who is new to the book PR game or, like me, needs a refresher course.

“This course is for EVERYBODY, everyone who is ready to move forward and get noticed!”
Martinique LewisMartinique Lewis, Designer and creator of C J Summers (Childrenswear apparel)

Because after all WE DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING!! Even though you are passionate about your craft there are areas you lack knowledge in. As a person who loves fashion and everything it includes from concept to consumer, NEVER in my studies did I learn fashion PR! In a world that is driven heavily by social media all you need is that one time somebody post you in order to blow up! But how? How do I contact the right person, who is the right person, where can i find their info? All this in more is explained in detail through this AMAZING course. Things that I would never know, I know now. And not just the modules, the articles, the youtube videos and the blogs were all perfect!! This course is for EVERYBODY, everyone who is ready to move forward and get noticed! I highly recommend it, thank you Tracy!

“Never have I had so much knowledge in only five modules. A must have for all authors in this current age!”

Vanessa Renaud, Author, Founder of Mymamahood
As an author of three unpublished books its clear I had no idea what my next steps were. I felt such a big appreciation for Tracy Durant for creating this course. Not only does the modules provide a step by step how to gain exposure but the content also provides generous resources any author or anyone in business for that instance can use and take advantage for a lifetime. Never have I had so much knowledge in only five modules. A must have for all authors in this current age!

30 Day Money back Guarantee:

Inside the course (1)

I Will provide you with a Full refund if you make contact with me, within 30 days and provide evidence of working through the course materials and express information on why and how the course is not working for you.